About Kamaljeet Sehrawat

Ms. Kamaljeet Sehrawat (Born September 29th, 1972) is a BJP member from Delhi.

Ms Sehrawat has an impressive academic record. She holds the degree in Bachelors of Commerce Honours (B Com) & Masters of Commerce (M Com). Taking her academic record further, Ms Sehrawat pursued a graduate degree in education (B. Ed), she has also earned a degree in Law programme and a Diploma in computer application.

Ms Sehrawat is currently serving as the Leader of the House of South Delhi Municipal Corporation. She also represented Ward 38S (Dwarka-B) and won by the highest margin in Delhi to become the councillor.

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Leader of the House, South Delhi Municipal Corporation

Ms. Sehrawat is currently serving as the Leader of the House (SDMC). She was also elected as the member of Standing Committee.

Mayor, South Delhi Municipal Corporation from 2017-2018

Winning by the record margin of 9,866 votes, Ms Kamaljeet Sehrawat was elected unopposed as the Mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC).

Vice President, Delhi State, from 2016-2017

Ms Sehrawat became BJP’s Vice President of Delhi State. Sanitation, garbage management, promoting eco-friendly measures with enhanced capacity of waste-to-energy plants were the key focus areas during her tenure.



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